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Primary school Višnja gora, 27.3.2015

Today’s participants were eleven and fourteen year olds. Their teacher told me before the lesson that some of them are shy and don’t like to share their opinions and thoughts. So at the beginning the visit was more of a presentation, but later on it became more and more a conversation.

Supporter of today’s visit was company Livmark Ltd – foundry and production  who bought 10 books and CD-s which were donated to the schools in Stična amd Višnja Gora. Thank you very much J.

As always they share some amazing thoughts:


“I like it. I learn how to look at problems from a brighter side, because in fact I am a pessimist.”

“This hour made an impression on me because I also had a tough childhood but I know that there are worst things that can happen so this hour encouraged me a lot.”

“Everyone is special.”

Ex school of our Superhero Jaka, Primary school Stična, 27.3.2015

School I visited today was a home to our book character Jaka. I was talking with pupils from sixth to ninth grade and it was very emotional. After the end of presentation pupils said, they want to talk some more about the superheroes. 

Some thoughts for pupils:

“I like that characters in the story were different and we have to accept them as they are. We need to feel the 7 values for all people, because this will make a better world. We need to care for all, we are all one big family.”

“It was great. It was about emotions. I realized that nothing is as it seems. It is so much more. Thank you for the flower of forgiveness. PS: All different, all the same.”

“The purpose of life is to be happy and to accept people like they are not like you want them to be.”

To accept differences with a little help from my friend, Primary school Dobravlje, 20.3.2015

I visited this lovely school for the first time with my dear friend Lili Škantar, who has been on the wheel chair for 17 years, because of jumping in too shallow pool. Having Lili with me, made everything even more emotional and real for the pupils.

Supporter of today’s visit was company Lozej Ltd – institute for security who bought 7 books and CD-s which were donated to the school’s library. A big thanks to the company.

A small fraction of thoughts are listed below:

Love animals, Primary school Tuhinj, Sela 19.3.2015

I got an opportunity to visit school in a beautiful landscape of Savinjska dolina. But beautiful was not only the nature but also kindness of pupils and teachers. It is always inspiring to get supporting thoughts from children, but it is no less important to get support from people who are working with kids for a long time. Teacher madam Ema Berlec wrote:

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Today we were also talking about you and your fairytales and together we are reading your book “Superheroes that make differences”. At 53 I still get positive thoughts, fillings and energy when reading it. Let’s leave prejudices behind and find love in the world full of love, when we look at it from the right perspective. Thank you again, it was unforgettable.”

Sponsor of this visit was company Andrej Šuštar IC, who bought 5 books and CD-s which were donated to the school. Thank you very much.